Is this hardware reliable?

Our approach to escape rooms will speed up the construction, simplify support and cut costs

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No need to break the walls

Usually an escape room electronics is decentralized, meaning that its tasks are not connected with each other. Such an architecture makes applying changes harder: sometimes it is required to get “under the hood” in each room to update firmware on devices.
We connect all of the components in a single network and control it from a PC. Now it is not even required to go to the room to change the scenario.

Centralized architecture

Convenient interface

A lot of bezaire buttons and wires — were usual environment of the quest. For example, restarting the quest sometimes required a lot of “voodoo touch”
EscapeControl provides you with a simple and web-interface for managing settings and controlling the game. Any device with Wi-Fi is now a fully-functional controller for your quest.


Simple diagnostics

Broken hardware is a substantial issue both for programmers and owners. Owners have to wait until technicians commute to the site. But after that the technician still spends a significant amount of time to diagnose the problem since it is usually unclear why the problem occurs.
In contrast, EscapeControl allows for remote diagnostics since the quest is connected to the Internet. Moreover, our useful tools will reduce time of finding the cause of the malfunction.

Diagnostics is often the hard often the hardest

Working even during malfunctions

Escape rooms often cease their operations due to a single broken part. This is not the case with EscapeControl: staff can easily skip the broken part and still provide players with an unforgettable experience.

Task skip

Any scenario, right now

You have to tweak your escape room, but there are no qualified personnel? A simple visual programming language will give you a chance to do so even if you do not want to get into the details.

Blockly: visual programming language

How does it work?


All of quest' devides are interconnected by means of a computer network

Central server

Your quest is controlled by a single machine, which gives an opportunity to change the scenario in a flexible way

Internet connectivity

The server is connected to the Internet which allows for remote control

What are we going to do?


Will install our architecture during the construction. Will show your staff how to connect peripherals to it.


Will tell you how to use EscapeControl: how does the network work and how to diagnose malfunctions.


After constructions you would be able to ask us if something goes wrong.

Save money and relieve stress